As there are no higher-order predators of Muntjac in the UK intervention is necessary to effectively manage their numbers.

Shooting of Muntjac with centre fire rifles by trained stalkers seems to be the most viable and humane method of control available at present. Although some people may find this distasteful, population control is recognised as a necessity for the long term survival of both the deer and its environment.

three men holding rifles in woodland clearing
Management Team

There is no close season for Muntjac. It is considered best practice to shoot heavily pregnant does and not thin ones which are quite likely to have a dependant fawn.

Shooting Muntjac bucks has far less effect on the over-all picture other than removing the feeding/damage potential of that particular animal. It is also suggested by some experts that removal of an area’s dominant buck may let in several lesser animals who, in vieing for that territory, could probably increase local damage.

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